Multi-domain SAP Master Data Management Made Simple and Effective

Join the session to learn how your organization can make managing SAP master data cross-functional, intuitive for business users, and most importantly, easy. Best of all, ZFlow accomplishes this at a fraction of the expense and effort of a traditional data entry focused Master Data Management approach.

Multi-domain SAP Master Data Management and Governance Made Simple

Feb 11th, 2021 8:00 AM PST

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7 reasons why ZFlow is a breath of fresh air

  1. Innovative approach to SAP master data management as an extension of collaborative business processes in Design, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and E-commerce
  2. Readily usable master data workflows for Material, Bill of Material, Approved Vendor/Manufacturer, Customer, Vendor, Plant Maintenance, and others
  3. Beginning-to-end implementation in a matter of weeks
  4. Master data creation is a business activity with the right business stakeholders involved and providing the right information
  5. Deep and out-of-the-box SAP integration
  6. No need for expensive middleware and related implementation
  7. Ability to integrate with multiple SAP instances, SAP solutions (CRM, SRM…) and other solutions (Salesforce, Netsuite, etc.) as part of individual workflows to support global and cross-functional Master Data workflows


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