Source-to-Pay Digital Process Orchestration

We have had a few more instances of digitizing procurement processes with ZFlow and we are officially taking the position that for many organizations digital orchestration of source-to-pay process that complements an ERP solution (SAP, Netsuite, Oracle,…) is much more effective, streamlined and cost-effective (by a factor of 10, $100K vs $1MM) than using Procure-to-Pay solutions. Our unofficial position on Procure-to-Pay solutions was shared in an earlier post.

Fundamentally, an ERP solution like SAP, Oracle, Netsuite is 50% or more of a Procure-to-pay solution. And with an ERP in place most customers already have 50% of what they need for a Procure-to-pay solution. The following 4 pictures show some of the background reasoning and our final self-serving assessment.


End-to-end Source-to-Pay Process (Direct and Indirect Procurement)


End-to-end Source-to-Pay Process (Indirect Procurement)


Does your company really need a separate Procure-to-Pay solution?


Self-serving plugin for ZFlow Digital Source-to-Pay Orchestration