ZFlow is Better For Customers

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Readiness for useUseful from Day 1At least 2-3 months of implementation
UsersUnlimited users
Per user licensing can limit usage/value and can become very expensive
Ease of use
Zero code workflow design, modern UI framework, mobile ready
Requires coding, extensive in many cases
Supporting Technology Cost
100% built on open source components (Tomcat and mySQL)
Often require additional and highly expensive supporting technology (SQLServer, Oracle, .NET, Windows Server, etc.) – can be hundreds of thousands of dollars
Supply Chain Ready
Workflows can be extended to suppliers and customers easily
Usually do not support supply chain oriented workflows
Readily available integration (SAP, Salesforce, GSuite,) and extensible adapter framework
Often require expensive middleware
Public Cloud

Ready for operations on all Public Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
May require extensive systems management expertise
100% Browser Based
All administration and use is browser based
May require extensive systems management expertise