ZFlow Customer Portal

Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company - Tony Hsieh

ZFlow Customer Portal is designed with the above in mind. Any organization has a large number of workflows that connect, communicate and interact with customers. Additionally, very few customers really want to talk to people (especially sales, marketing and customer service) these days and instead prefer self-service. Self-service needs can range from searching and browsing for product information, sales inquiries, requesting sales quotes, placing orders, inquiring about order status, return materials, complaining about products/services, suggesting product/service improvements, providing feedback, and collaborating on various programs. These type of needs are not met by your run-of-the-mill customer service solutions.

ZFlow Customer Portal is designed to allow organizations to set up a flexible customer portal quickly so that customers can participate and/or initiate workflows that allow them to collaborate with your whole organization effectively.


ZFlow comes with 2 built in roles for customers that can be used to set up customer portals that allow customers to participate and complete workflow activities, get notifications, as well as initiate certain workflows.



In the example below the customer initiated the RMA workflow from the customer portal



In the workflow above the once the customer submits the designed workflow routes the RMA to the internal customer service representative. These workflows can be designed to support how your organization currently works or in some cases to support a desired TO-BE state.