ZFlow Capabilities

ZFlow is the culmination of over a decade of innovation and customer input on what is useful and effective for workflow management. ZFlow successfully incorporates all the necessary capabilities for effective workflow management in a single solution. There is literally NOTHING like ZFlow in the market. Our emphasis with ZFlow is to continue to fine tune and keep adding capabilities that actually get used and loved by users.

Workflow Management

  • Easy to use workflow designer
  • Activity based workflow
  • Rich set of activity types, including review, approval, application integration and sub-processes
  • Process roles for flexible security
  • Ability to easily extend processes to supply chain team members
  • Workflow data management (documents and other structured information)
  • Easy workflow form definition
  • Modern and Responsive UI (Bootstrap and Material Design)
  • Business rules based workflow activity execution
  • Pre-configured workflow templates for sales, marketing, commerce, supply chain, logistics, quality, engineering and manufacturing

Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Easily integrate and invite supply chain partners as part of the workflow
  • Ability to integrate supply chain partners at the right time, with and for the right information
  • Ability to share information securely

Application Integration

  • Extensible adapter architecture to easily integrate with any application
  • Automatic REST API generation for workflow and object management
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP, Salesforce, GSuite and others

Readily Usable Process and Objects Model for Various Domains

  • Readily usable process and object models for various domains, including Sales, Customer Service, New Product Development, Procurement, Production, and Quality Management
  • Out-of-the-box integration and synchronization to related enterprise systems such as SAP, Salesforce..

Metadata Designer

  • Easy-to-use metadata editor for designing comprehensive business process data models
  • Out-of-the-box data models for many functional domains - finance, sales, marketing, purchasing, design and engineering, manufacturing and logistics
  • Automatic generation of modern and responsive UI/UX