New Product Introduction (NPI) Excellence

ZFlow began its life in the realm of new product development. As a result ZFlow provides exceptional support for business processes and master data related to new product introduction and sustaining engineering.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Process Orchestration

ZFlow provides strong support for NPI Process Orchestration and related sub-processes.



In addition to NPI Process Orchestration, ZFlow can also be used for workflows related to various aspects of NPI Process as shown below.



Sustaining Engineering Excellence

Sustaining Engineering is a significant aspect of post NPI phase of a product. ZFlow provides exceptional support for Sustaining Engineering programs and related workflows.


NPI, Sustaining Engineering and Component Engineering Workflow Apps



Let’s not forget that ZFlow also has industry leading out-of-the-box integration capabilities to ERP systems such as SAP, and CRM systems such as Salesforce, and open REST API based systems.

When you put together

  • Objects models for parts, BOM, suppliers, manufacturers, and strong master data capabilities
  • Business processes for NPI and Sustaining Engineering
  • Strong integration to ERP, MES and Planning Systems

in ZFlow, for many customers ZFlow works better than traditional PLM solutions and most definitely much faster and more cost-effective.