SKU Lifecycle Management


Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is the lifeblood of modern commerce and B2B sales. The quality, effectiveness and speed with which SKUs can be introduced and changes managed are major determinants of success of the SKU. Managing the lifecycle of an SKU is inherently a cross-functional process that requires product management, sales, supply chain, merchandizing, finance, quality and many other teams working together.



Many organizations small and large face great difficulty effectively managing workflows that support SKU lifecycle. The consequences are all progressively bad, including

  • Confusion for sales teams and customers
  • Quoting and billing errors
  • Poor online commerce support
  • Poor B2B sales support
  • Logistics, fulfillment issues and more

ZFlow, due to its roots in new product introduction and supply chain development provides exceptional support for SKU lifecycle management. It provides capabilities to model and manage SKUs flexibly, manage lifecycle of the SKUs and related information, and design/execute sophisticated activity based workflow for cross-functional collaboration needed for decision-making, systems integration and end-to-end visibility.


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