Digital Quote/Order-to-Cash Process Orchestration

A broken quote-to-cash process is a major obstacle to converting an opportunity into revenue efficiently and quickly. Digitizing Quote-to-Cash process is one of the best ways to improve sales performance, fulfillment, customer experience and time-to-fulfillment/provisioning/revenue. In fact, an effective quote-to-cash process can

  • Reduce Time-to-Fulfillment/Provisioning/Revenue
  • Eliminate blindspots and improve coordination among sales, finance, legal and product teams
  • Minimize revenue recognition risk

Streamlining Quote-to-Cash process to be digital and effective is anything but simple because of the cross-functional nature and number of systems and people that are involved. Specific pain points include:

  1. Orchestrating Sub-processes (complex quote development, new customer onboarding, partner based manufacturing and fulfillment, provisioning software/hardware, billing set up)
  2. Master Data Management and Process Synchronization across CRM, Billing, ERP and Fulfillment systems (Customer Master, Product Master, Pricing Master, Vendor Master)
  3. Closing the loop between Customer-facing, fulfillment and ERP systems (Changes to orders, renewals and amendments..)
  4. Uniform view of the main Quote-To-Cash process and sub-processes across CRM, Billing, ERP systems and for all Stakeholders.


Quote-to-Cash Process




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Quote-to-Cash Process and Information Silos



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Digital Quote-to-Cash Process Orchestration (Salesforce, ZFlow, and SAP)