How to get S/4HANA style benefits without migrating to S/4HANA

The business case for SAP S/4HANA is predicated on intelligent business processes that drive operational excellence, as well as improved user experience, agility and collaboration. For many organizations a move to S/4HANA does make technological and business sense, but may still require a strong financial business case. Or it is quite possible that the money needed, which can be substantial and does not grow on trees, can be hard to come by for many reasons. In addition, the time commitment and resource needs can be daunting and the risk of disrupting underlying business processes high. So it is only natural that many organizations are being careful and taking time. It is a good thing that there is time till 2025 to make the switch.

However, the world is moving at a rapid pace and there is immediate and urgent need for improved user experience, simplicity, agility and collaboration for many business processes in Finance, Purchasing, Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Maintenance and others.

We bring you ZFlow for SAP in light of this immediate and urgent need as your company’s S/4HANA roadmap is taking shape. For a mere fraction of the cost of S/4HANA migration, ZFlow brings simplicity, intuitiveness, agility and collaboration capabilities that will delight business stakeholders.


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