Product Supply Chain Assessment


While Supply Base Assessment is a good place to start for an overall Supplier Development program often more pressing need for Supplier Development comes as part of New Product Introduction Process. In the example below the NPI program for ZPhoneX involves Supplier Development for many of the sub-systems and components.



Multi-sourcing Assessment

The following assessment highlights the state of sourcing status for ZPhoneX. Clearly there are several components that do not have any approved suppliers and several with just one approved supplier. All of these are candidates for multi-sourcing and supplier development.



Supplier Maturity and Relationship Status

In addition, supplier maturity and relationship status are also important aspects of NPI program related Supplier Development. Since ZPhoneX is one of the most important products for the company the Supplier Development team would like to have as many suppliers as preferred as possible.




Product and Component Supply Chain

Not every component in a product requires continuous and intensive monitoring from a sourcing risk and supplier development perspective. Sourcing and engineering teams can focus on key components of a product as shown below.




Below provides a picture of key supply chain elements involved in the manufacture and distribution of ZPhoneX.