Master Data Management for Sales Operations Excellence

Sales operations workflows and quote-to-cash process orchestration primarily deal with Product, Pricing and Customer Master Data. In the overall sales operations process Sales Quote is the object that brings Product, Pricing and Customer Master Data together.


Product Master Data

Product (aka SKU) master data is the foundation for effectively supporting sales operations and quote-to-cash process orchestration. Product master data can include different elements that are needed to effectively support sales operations workflows.


Pricing Master Data

Pricing master data includes pricing strategy and as well as elements of pricing that are used to quote prices for different products/services for a specific customer.




Subscription and Usage-based Pricing

With the popularity of subscription based pricing as well as usage based pricing there usually is a need for enhancing pricing master data with subscription and usage pricing strategies and related pricing elements.


Customer Master Data (Account / Billing Entity)

Accurate customer master data is critical for sales operations. Information about the customer (especially new customers that are being onboarded) is used by different stakeholders in your organization to know more about the new customer, evaluate risk and prepare so that they can serve the customer well.