Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Digital Source-to-Pay Process Orchestration

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Digitizing Source-to-pay process is one of the best ways to improve supply chain collaboration and integration. A digital source-to-pay process is also key to improving supply chain resiliency, supply chain risk management and performance, and the capability to bring in new suppliers quickly.

Many organizations find it difficult to design and implement a seamless and digital source-to-pay because of the number of stakeholders and systems involved, as well as the need to keep suppliers involved through out the process. Specific pain points include:

  • Extending the source-to-pay process and related sub-processes easily to supply chain participants
  • Master Data Management and Synchronization across as many systems (Vendor Master, Costing, Materials and Procurement Data)
  • Orchestrating Sub-processes (vendor onboarding, PO collaboration, supplier quality engineering and supplier development)
  • Uniform view of the main Source-to-pay process and sub-processes across systems and for all Stakeholders.

Join the webinar to see how ZFlow effortlessly digitizes the source-to-pay process with popular ERP systems such as SAP. It does so by supporting certain aspects that are unique and effective, including

  • Integrating source-to-pay people activities (data enrichment, review, approvals) and integration (to ERP/PLM/Planning) activities in a single workflow
  • Easily synchronizing and sharing source-to-pay master and transactional data across systems, including ERP, PLM, Planning and Production systems
  • Extending many of the source-to-pay processes easily to supply chain participants
  • Ability to do all of the above without requiring any middleware or programming