Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Case Study

A global tier 1 automotive supplier is a long time user of Z Flow. Z Flow is used for collaborative engineering release and quality management processes. Z Flow is used to connect design and engineering teams to tooling/manufacturing/quality teams at various plants via collaborative engineering release and tooling development/manufacturing process development and quality processes and data management.


  • Number of Z Flow Users:  200+
  • Since: 2004
  • Number of Manufacturing Plants: 2
  • Collaborative Processes Deployed:
    • Engineering Change Authorization
    • Manufacturing Change Authorization
    • Production Part Approval Process
    • Process FMEA
    • Tooling and Gauge instructions
    • Document Repository for released part, tooling, quality information
  • Systems Integration
    • PTC Windchill (Part and Bill of Material information for Engineering Change Authorization)
    • SAP ECC (Change number, material creation, BOM creation)