A New Era for Master Data Management

Considering the importance of master data for achieving operational excellence in finance, purchasing, sales, commerce, manufacturing and supply chain, it is a surprise how inadequately and ineffectively current master data management (MDM) solutions support the master data lifecycle management. We know a thing or two about Master Data because master data management (MDM) workflows are some of the most popular workflows deployed on ZFlow.

We also developed significant appreciation for Master Data because of deep support for New Product and Supply Chain Development in ZFlow. As a matter of fact, what we have seen is that much of the master data (creation/changes) is usually an outcome of product development and supply chain processes. Most certainly Master Data Management is not


In addition,

How Master Data Management Really Looks like

Instead master data management should be an outcome of business workflows like this

New Supplier Creation





Materials Master Data Management

Materials MDM needs its own post – Mastering Materials Master Data Management.

ZFlow for Master Data Management

ZFlow is a fresh and effective take on Master Data Management. Master Data Management in ZFlow is an outcome of functional business processes related to New Product Development and Introduction, Commerce, Procurement, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics and Maintenance Planning. In addition, it is reimagined take on what an effective master data management solution should support


Lastly, ZFlow also happens to be the most customer friendly solution in the market.


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