Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility – Session Materials

Below are materials from the session that was conducted on Oct 7th, 2021

Cross-functional quality management workflows are key to making “Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility” a reality in the organization and the Supply Chain. In this session we showcase how ZFlow uses Digital Workflows to effectively and elegantly involve and engage cross-functional teams, suppliers, customers and systems to make “Quality Everyone’s Responsibility”.


Below topics were covered in the session.

  • “Doing what is documented” as QMS policies and procedures using digital workflows
  • Putting into practice industry-specific QMS frameworks (ISO 13485, IATF 16949 and others)
  • Universally available quality issue workflows that can be started by and involve customers, suppliers, customer support, and manufacturing systems
  • Digital workflows for continuous improvement processes such as A3 Report, 8D, and Kaizen Events
  • Closing the loop by ensuring implementation of corrective and improvement actions and countermeasures
  • Involving Suppliers in Quality Management and Continuous Improvement workflows (Supplier Corrective Actions, PPAP, Nonconformances, Audit findings)
  • Integrating Quality Management processes to Customer Service, Consumer Review, Returns, Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Systems





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Download Presentation


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