Build A Better Supply Chain – Session Materials

Oct 6, 2022 8:00 – 9:00 AM PST

The last 2 years have been profoundly challenging for most Supply Chain Teams. Supply Chain teams are increasingly on the frontline to expand/improve the supply base, to improve supplier readiness, to ensure suppliers are delivering and performing at a high level, and to reduce supply chain cost.

Our work with leading supply chains has highlighted a critical need for “Holistic Strategy” to Build a Better Supply Base. The result of this strategy, when implemented effectively, are Suppliers that can work cooperatively, perform at a high level, and prioritize your organization as a customer. In short, A Better Supply Chain.

The session showcased innovative and effective approaches that can be used to Build A Better Supply Chain.

Session Topics

  • Commodity, Category and Requirement-specific Supply Base Analysis to better understand New Supplier and Existing Supplier Development Needs
  • Strategic Sourcing – Fast and Effective Techniques for New Supplier Evaluation and Selection
  • Ensuring Supplier Readiness (PPAP, First Article Inspection… and others) during various stages of New Product launches
  • Periodic Supplier Performance Reporting and Supplier Performance Evaluation
  • Simplifying Day-to-Day collaboration (Purchase Order Collaboration , Planning Collaboration, Design/Engineering…) with Suppliers
  • Collaborative Supplier Quality Engineering and Continuous Improvement programs
  • Voice of Supplier Survey to understand how Suppliers’ rate your organization as a customer





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