7 Workflows in ZFlow That Blow Away Million Dollar Procure-to-Pay Solutions

We were rather surprised to learn that Procure-to-Pay solutions can cost millions of dollars. The first question that comes to mind is why should they cost so much money. The second and more important question is why are people spending so much money on something that provides no discernible competitive advantage. The reason current crop of procure-to-pay solutions don’t deserve that kind of money is due to the fact that what they promote completely miss the point of supply chain development as a strategy.

We believe a simple purchase requisition workflow on top of existing ERP can provide 50% or more value of a procure-to-pay solution for many customers. Once that is done supply teams should really focus on helping build better supply chains, not wasting time on spend analytics, RFP automation, and payment processing, etc. That is where ZFlow comes into the picture.

Below are workflows available in ZFlow that blow away million dollar Procure-to-Pay solutions in terms of value and effectiveness.

In addition to the above workflows, ZFlow supports the complete supplier development lifecycle as shown in the figure below.





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