ZFlow Workflow Apps

Z Flow comes with readily usable workflow templates for a number of functional domains, including


  • Sales Quote Process
  • Design Win (Semi-conductor process)
  • New customer creation
  • Credit analysis for new customer


  • Marketing Campaign Preparation and Approval
  • Trade Promotion Request and Approval


  • Sales Item (SKU) master data creation
  • Channel pricing and discounting processes
  • Sell on Amazon SKU creation
  • Fulfilled by Amazon template

New Product Development

  • Voice of Customer Data Collection
  • Customer Wants Analysis


  • Engineering Change Management processes
  • New part creation and update


  • Corrective and Preventive Action system
  • Root cause analysis
  • Five Whys


  • Manufacturing process change request
  • Non-conformance and deviations
  • Root cause analysis
  • Tooling document repository
  • Gage calibration

Supply Chain

  • New vendor creation
  • Supplier audit
  • Collaborative planning and forecasting

Customer Service

  • Return Merchandize Authorization
  • Customer complaint resolution
  • Warranty request

Plant Maintenance

  • Work order execution with contractors and suppliers
  • Maintenance request
  • Safety issue resolution
  • Spare parts request and replenishment


  • Budget request