ZFlow Pricing

We really like the fact that you are interested in pricing and our goal is to make it simple and transparent. ZFlow uses instance based pricing because of the simplicity, flexibility (unlimited number of users, all-you-can-eat capabilities) and predictability. In addition, instance based pricing allows you to start small and increase usage as you and your organization feels comfortable with ZFlow.


ZFlow SubscriptionProduction Instance Spec
(based on AWS EC2 T2 Instances model)
Monthly ZFlow Price (USD)Yearly ZFlow Price (USD)Integration framework and adaptersRecommended number of usersNumber of workflows and related objects
Z22GB RAM$100$1,000Not recommended for production
Z44GB RAM$250$2,500Not recommended for production
Z88GB RAM$500$5,000Not recommended for production
Z1616GB RAM$1,000$10,000up to 100Thousands
Z16X16GB RAM$1,500$15,000Includedup to 100Thousands
Z3232GB RAM$2,500$25,000up to 200Tens of Thousands
Z32X32GB RAM$3,500$35,000Includedup to 200Tens of Thousands
Z6464GB RAM$5,000$50,000up to 500Tens of Thousands
Z64X64GB RAM$7,500$75,000Includedup to 500Tens of Thousands
Z128128GB RAM$7,500$75,000up to 1000Hundreds of Thousands
Z128X128GB RAM$10,000$100,000Includedup to 1000Hundreds of Thousands