Contract Manufacturers and Distributors in Sales Operations Workflows

Your company is killing it. But you have to rely on contract manufacturers and distributors to fulfill the demand. The scenario below where contract manufacturers and distributors play an integral role in Sales Operations is pretty common in High-tech, Life Sciences and other industries.


Our experience indicates that much of the above coordination is done using emails and spreadsheets. While some B2B integration models (like RosettaNet) have been used the overall experience and results have been underwhelming.

The approach that ZFlow takes for process orchestration of these types of scenarios is highly appropriate and effective. In ZFlow you can use the sub-process model to orchestrate activities with contract manufacturers and distributors as part of sales operations workflows and overall quote-to-cash process. The picture below shows how a Sales Order resulted in 2 sub-contract POs and fulfillment process supported by a Distributor.



The picture below shows contract manufacturer and distributor roles as part fo the fulfillment workflow.


ZFlow makes is straightforward to design these types of interrelated workflows to support orchestration of quote-to-cash processes that involve different actors performing different activities of the workflow.