1. Workflow Execution

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Once the process workflow templates are designed and made available for use, users can use templates to create process instances. For example, a New Supplier Request process can be created from the New Supplier Request template.

Select “New Process” as shown below to create a new process instance from available process workflow templates. You will see the available process workflow templates as shown below.


Users can select “Create” button related to the process template to create a new process workflow instance. The next is for users to provide values for relevant attributes as shown below in the workflow form.


Once the attributes are entered select the “Create” button to create the Corrective Action Request workflow instance. Z Flow then creates the Corrective Action Request and gets ready to initiate the workflow.

At this point the process owner (the user that created the instance) can add additional information relevant to the process instance, including changing attributes, adding files as process data and even adding new users as process members. The process instance page itself is shown in the picture below.

The process owner can select “Process Data” tab to add related documents as well as other structured data (usually various types of forms configured in the system). Users can drag and drop files into the Drag and Drop area as shown in the figure below.



Once appropriate data is added workflow can be initiated by selecting the “Submit” button in the Process Info tab (shown below). Users have the option of entering text that will be included in the message sent to performers of the next activity.



Since the process is submitted the workflow engine starts and initiates the next activity. The performers of the activity usually get an email and in addition, these activities are listed in the My Activities page as well as card on the home page.

The activity page and appropriate buttons are shown for the performers as shown below. The performer of the activity can select the right button (Next to you are a Performer) to complete the activity.



Users can also get the status of the workflow by selecting the “Workflow” tab. The cyan row indicates that current activity of the workflow instance.


Once the above activity is completed by the performer the workflow engine starts the next activity and sends the email as well as makes the activity (in this case CAR Review) appear in the Home Page (My Activities list) of assigned performer. In this particular case the CAR Review is to be performed by Quality Manager. When the Quality Manager logs into Z Flow he sees the activity in the “My Activities” list. When selected it will open the “Current Step” tab of the Process instance as shown below.


Each activity has its own set of actions that are available as buttons.

Once all the activities of the workflow instance are completed by assigned performers the process is set as completed. The workflow tab shows that all the activities are completed by assigned performers.





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